3 (unmissable) staircases towards the sea

Do you like trekking? Do you love uncrowded beaches? Do you love crystal clear water? Here are three ideas to satisfy your desires

The Ligurian coast of the Cinque Terre is not only characterized by five marvelous villages that stand out over the sea, but, for the more adventurous, it also hides wild beaches, challenging panoramic paths and evocative places to discover.

What are we talking about? The three suggested routes start from the town of Campiglia (more comfortably), a few kilometers from La Spezia, on the road to Portovenere.

All well signposted, the three paths lead to small isolated bays of crystal clear water, after facing challenging steps even with breathtaking views.

From Campiglia to Monesteroli

The Campiglia – Monesteroli route is perhaps the most famous and evocative with its breathtaking staircase overlooking the sea. Precisely because of its staircase, it is not recommended for those suffering from vertigo.

Along the path, after half of the stairway, you come to the village of Monesteroli, a few beautiful colored houses all with terraces overlooking the sea.
And when you reach the sea, you will welcome a small pebble bay surrounded by rocks.
The path to follow is the number 536.

From Campiglia to Persico beach

The Campiglia – Persico route reaches a pebble beach, the largest of the three bays that can be reached along the three trails described.

Along the first part of the staircase there are terraced vineyards and olive groves to the small nucleus of Chioso houses. Continuing to go down towards the sea, the land once cultivated are now abandoned leaving room for the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean. At the height of the houses of the Persico, closer to the sea, you can admire a centuries-old mulberry tree.

The path to follow is the number 528.

From Campiglia to Schiara

The Campiglia – Schiara route arrived at the bottom, shows a small port, some abandoned houses and a small beach, the smallest of the three reachable.
The path to follow is the number 504.