Venerio, the welcoming hermit on the Island of Tino

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A Journey Through Tradition, Artistry, and Cultural Treasures – Unforgettable Experiences to Learn, Love, and Gift”

La Spezia, town of Futurism

Did you know that La Spezia is a futuristic city? And precisely to Marinetti, the major’s futurism exponent, we owe the closeness between futurism and the town of Spezia.


La Spezia Sion Gateway, unknown story for many locals

In the state of Israel, the city of La Spezia is a “Sion Gate”, remembered with emotion and affection, named with respect in the memory handed down from generation to generation. Yet only a few locals know the reason for this connection to Israel, the story of the Exodus mission.


The san Giuseppe Fair explained to non-locals

Who was not born in La Spezia struggles to understand the “fair of San Giuseppe” phenomenon, three days in which La Spezia goes mad and banquets are assaulted even by people who do not care about shopping. Here’s how to explain what happens to the city around March 19th. The


The Garibaldi Statue, two days of celebrations

Garibaldi in La Spezia, a long story. Giuseppe Garibaldi has walked the streets of La Spezia; there are reports about three stops on the city ground. The first was in 1849, the second in 1862, injured following the Aspromonte campaign and the detention in the Varignano prison, then in 1867,


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