Visit the Cinque Terre winery, 50 years di enhancement of the territory

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Cucina Chronicles: Exploring the Richness of Italian Gastronomy

The first Italian Oyster Festival in La Spezia

On October 6th, 7th, and 8th, in La Spezia, the first Italian Oyster Festival, the Italy Oyster Fest, will take place. Dedicated to the “made in Italy” oyster, the event focuses on sustainability, taste, and accessibility, recognized as essential for the growth of an increasingly significant production in Italy.A rich


Cinque Terre wine tasting on a boat

We will board a Ligurian fishing boat and together we will go to see the coast from the sea with its terraces, vineyards and dry stone walls. During the navigation, you can take advantage of the tasting of 2 glasses of white Cinque Terre wine looking at these hills, in


Cinque Terre wine sensorial tasting

When it comes to Cinque Terre wine, it can only be white wine, reflecting the sea, the sun, the rocks, the salt, and the wind of the beautiful Cinque Terre stretch of the coast. Bosco, Vermentino, and Albarola are the three vines that make the different aromas of the local


Craft Beer Tasting in Val di Vara

Please enable javascript in your browser to book In the vast lush Cinque Terre inland called Vara Valley, organic growing and breeding are a must, and many local products have found a flourishing revival in their organic production. The cultivation of hops is one of these, carried out by young


Pesto Making Class and tasting in Cinque Terre

In this workshop, you will be able to prepare the pesto and learn to use a marble mortar and pestle to give life to this fragrant, flavorful, and ancient sauce. The preparation will be accompanied by narration on the history and traditions that gave rise to pesto, and at the


Pesto workshop with tasting in Portovenere

Learn how to prepare the delicious basil Pesto, the typical Ligurian sauce made with basil leaves, pine nuts, salt, and parmesan cheese. Together with a local lady, prepare all the ingredients and use the traditional mortar to pound – pestare – them all together, dding extra virgin olive oil to


Visit the Cinque Terre winery with wine tasting

If you are looking for authentic and quality wines, if you are looking for unique experiences, if you appreciate sustainability and respect for the earth, welcome to our cooperative and, above all, to our cellar.Our brand is the expression of a unique place: the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage


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