Fiat 500 Tours in Italy, on the road with an Italian icon

With the FIAT 500, one of the most iconic cars of Italian design, it’s possible to have some fun experiences zipping around with relative freedom on Italian roads. The older and more charming models are now rarely seen in traffic, although the FIAT is a cult car for many Italians, with fan clubs spread throughout Italy. Renting the old 500 for special occasions, weddings, and short tours is very common.

But how did the myth of the FIAT 500 start, and what might be useful to know before booking a tour with this legendary car from the 60s?

Like a mouse

Born in 1936 and nicknamed “Topolino,” the Fiat model that preceded the FIAT 500 was the Italian answer to the post-war need for economical mobility. With its incredibly compact dimensions and ingenious design, the Topolino was able to combine practicality and performance. Even if the maximum power was only 13 HP in its original version, the small engine of the 500 was perfectly capable of ensuring ideal performance for daily use and for short trips out of town.. Furthermore, its fuel consumption was extremely low, a crucial aspect in a period in which the economy was the center of attention that struck a chord with Italians. Its length of just 3.22 meters and weight that did not exceed 500 kg made it perfect for the narrow streets of Italian cities, while its 569 cc four-cylinder engine guaranteed efficiency and reliability.
During a holiday trip, thousands of Italians, sometimes packed beyond belief with their suitcases, discovered mobility on 4 wheels and the art of making do. That simple and fun style would have accompanied them further than on holiday, to the point of representing the most beloved Italian design in the world.

The characteristic design details of the FIAT 500, easily recognisable.

A Small Powerhouse for the Future of the Car

The Fiat Nuova 500 was introduced in 1957 and represents another important chapter in the history of Fiat. Born from the engineering experience of the tiny Topolino, it was even smaller and cheaper.

The original Fiat 500 redefined expectations for small cars, showing that it was possible to have a compact, economical, and reliable mode of transportation without sacrificing driving pleasure. Measuring just 2.97 meters in length and equipped with a 479 cc twin-cylinder engine, the original Fiat 500 was perfectly capable of providing adequate performance for everyday use and short trips. Moreover, its fuel consumption was extremely low, a crucial aspect in post-war Italy.
The FIAT was destined to define the concept of compact and economical driving for generations and to leave an indelible mark in the automotive world. That small powerhouse would influence future generations of city cars, or “utility vehicles”, continuing to be a benchmark in efficient engineering.”

The Fiat 500 is a car still much loved by many enthusiasts who organize gatherings throughout Italy and the world.

A Cabrio for Everyone: The Open-Air Magic of the Fiat 500

The original Fiat 500 brought a breath of fresh air and freedom to the roads, thanks to its unique and charming cabriolet version. With an elegant and functional cloth roof, the small Italian car offered a lively and carefree driving experience, making the pleasure of traveling in the open air accessible to everyone. Despite its simple design, the roof of the Fiat 500 was extremely practical and well-made. It provided reliable protection from the elements when closed, and transformed into an open-air experience with a simple gesture.
For many people, opening the roof of the 500, with the typical smell of leather seats heated by the summer sun and looking up at the blue sky, is an unmistakable emotion.

The Contemporary Jewel: Modern Fiat 500 (2007-Present)

In 2007, the automotive world witnessed an extraordinary event: the triumphant return of the Fiat 500. More than fifty years after its birth, the small Italian car returned to the roads, renewed in materials, technologies, and performance, but faithful to the spirit and style that had made it famous.

A Sensational Launch and a More Aggressive Model

The return of the Fiat 500 did not go unnoticed: within just three weeks of its reintroduction, as many as 58,000 units were sold. A result that exceeded all expectations and demonstrated how much the 500 brand was still alive in people’s hearts. The new 500 managed to capture the attention of a wide audience, from nostalgic lovers of the original model to young people looking for a fashionable and quality car.

While the revival keeps the original design alive, the Fiat 500 transforms into a completely different animal under the Abarth brand. It’s not just a matter of style and appearance; it’s a real leap in quality in terms of performance and sporty spirit. The Abarth models are a celebration of speed and adrenaline, for a sporty and competitive experience that has little to do with the old 500, although inspired by the small Italian vehicle.

500 Tours on the Roads of Tuscany, Charm According to Tradition.

But driving the original 500 is the beauty of a tour to savor the charm of Italian design on scenic and quiet roads. An experience worth living in all its traditional Italian flair, still intriguing for Italians themselves.

The original 500 may not be easy to drive for those who have never done it, however, a few basics shared at the beginning of the experience are sufficient. These mainly concern the fact that driving a vehicle about 60-70 years old requires attention, as we are used to more precise and faster tools. The engine needs to be “warmed up” after stops, the use of the 4-speed gearbox (especially for those not used to it) sometimes requires some preliminary trials. For the rest, the 500 is still manageable and the driving experience fun and pleasant, especially on less trafficked country roads.