Craft your own perfume from the Cinque Terre woods

Inspired by the enchanting nature of the Cinque Terre, set within the tiny hamlet of Casté in Val di Vara, a fragrance atelier has been born. This atelier invites you to explore the ancestral essences of herbs from the Mediterranean scrub and inspires you to craft your scent. Embark on a true journey through the senses, starting from the woods and nature, advancing into your sense of smell, and perfecting your unique fragrance.

Outside the Fragrance Atelier of Casté

An ancient hamlet in the vast modern world.

The village of Casté, nestled in the woods of the Cinque Terre hinterland, stands as one among many that dot the Val di Vara, yet simultaneously possesses a strong identity of its own, much like all the hamlets in the Val di Vara. In 1412, the nearby Carpena was destroyed by the Genoese, and likely, many survivors from the significant local Podesteria, dispersed by this violent repression of the Maritime Republic, came to reside in the small cluster of homes that is Casté. This perhaps explains the hamlet’s concealed, reserved nature, where its community, both then and now, finds refuge in the characteristic “Paganini” courtyard, clinging to the land with the tenacity of past and present attachment.

The village of Casté in Val di Vara, and the Apuan Alps in the background. Ph. Gianluca Ghinolfi

Though Casté could not escape the depopulation that swept over Val di Vara in the latter half of the 20th century, this small village is now at the forefront of an interesting phenomenon—the repopulation of certain hamlets by artisans, digital workers, and nature enthusiasts escaping city life in pursuit of a new harmonious balance between their modern lives and nature.
This narrative wasn’t much different for Alessia and Annalisa, who, from nearby La Spezia, opened their scent atelier in Casté.

From the Forest to the Workshop, a sensory journey in nature’s presence that crafts your perfume.

Under the shade of the chestnut trees surrounding Casté, a brief walk in the forest’s silence allows you to slow down from the ever-hurrying pace of life and let your senses soak in nature’s tranquility. Here, your nostrils detect ancestral scents that resonate with our deepest emotional heritage. There you find iris, vanilla, tuberose, and grey amber; with the perfumers’ guidance, these scents are reawakened within us. ”
The creation of a fragrance is a purely emotional moment,” Alessia and Annalisa explain, “One must connect with olfactory memory, where we have stored memories, sensations, hopes. Nature, silence, and breath help to make contact with oneself.”

Upon entering the atelier, the connection with nature is sustained; chestnut leaves, moss, butcher ‘s-broom, and hellebore decorate the environment, furnished with a taste and sensitivity that respects the environment first and foremost, and inspires.

The perfume organ, where you craft your own perfume

Here begins the magic of a journey towards recognizing one’s “own” scent, leading to the formulation of a fragrance. Sometimes it’s necessary to answer some questions, other times the ideas are clearer, but in any case, here the “organ” of natural olfactory notes takes center stage. It’s about the collection of scented materials available, constantly evolving with the perfumers’ own journey and composed of the notes that make up the fragrances. Thus, guided by the perfumers through the structure needed to give every scent its body, distilling desires, expectations, and various emotions of the moment, you arrive at the creation of your own fragrance.

At the end of the experience, it will be possible to take home a bottle of your perfume in a special package, along with the “recipe” for your creation.

Three journeys by the organ of essences.

For this experience, to craft your own perfume, you can choose between the Exclusive Journey, the Complete Experience for two, or the Sensory Workshop for up to 6 people.

Eclusive Journey

A solitary journey to explore your emotions and inclinations and compose your fragrance, guided by your coach. A small yet comprehensive selection of scents to explore and a real introspective journey. The perfect gift for someone special.

The Complete Experience

A unique experience for two, a journey for couples or friends, an exclusive gift for a honeymoon or special occasion. Explore the organ of fragrances with a loved one and learn to create a scent that seals your shared story.

Sensory Workshop

For a group of three to six people, a unique session to build your olfactory signature from one of our precious bases. The nose will guide you through the selection of notes to create your special formula and handcraft your fragrance.