Sailing with the coolest Dolphins in Sardinia

It is still a pleasure to throw yourself into the waves of the bluest sea, that of Sardinia. For those on the island, looking for the peace that follows the summer frenzy, an excursion among the dolphins of Sardinia is not to be missed. Cute marine mammals are ubiquitous throughout the Mediterranean, and in Sardinia, there are numerous places to do “Dolphin Watching.”

When can you do dolphin watching in Sardinia? 

It is precisely the cooler temperatures of the water and the tranquility that dolphins like. These days they show up often in small, cheerful families that leap above the surface of the water to do their acrobatics. In our hemisphere, dolphins breed during the summer, so it is possible to spot mothers with their young in the following months. From the end of August throughout September, and then in October, significantly if the temperatures do not drop too much, it is the ideal time to spot the friendly cetaceans.

By chance or knowledge? How to watch dolphins in Sardinia and throughout the Mediterranean.

During sea excursions throughout the Mediterranean, the festive presence of dolphins surprises people on their boat excursions. It happens even when you don’t look for them. “Bow riding” is widespread among dolphins, that is, approaching the bow to take advantage of the movement of the boats. This way, dolphins can rest a bit and get a pleasant hip massage!

Una fortunata escursione alla ricerca dei delfini in Sardegna
A lucky excursion of dolphin watching in Sardina. Photo by progettonaturasardegna.com

For an excursion in search of dolphins in Sardinia, it is preferable to turn to organized and specialized tours. That is better also from a naturalistic point of view and in compliance with the rules guaranteeing the well-being of the dolphins. Tour organizers have usually taken specialization courses in spotting the aquatic mammals that populate local waters. They also have an eye trained to identify the presence of dolphins and to avoid possible threats and reasons for frightening them. They know what is the safe distance from their swimming path and that it is important to respect the dolphons’ living space.

Spotting dolphins in Sardinia or anywhere else is not a mathematical science; sometimes, they don’t appear. The advice is to enjoy the beautiful sea of Sardinia without “dolphin-watching stress. Rely on the specialists who operate the boat and know how to recognize the signs of their possible presence. It will be nice to be enchanted by the surprise of a dolphin while experiencing the sea and the panorama.

All grey, sometimes a little striped, the dolphin species to recognize in Sardinia.

The dolphin we are most used to spotting in Sardinia and throughout the Mediterranean is the bottlenose dolphin species, which is also the one that best adapts to captivity in which we observe them in aquariums and water parks. They are characterized by a gray and homogeneous color over the entire body, while if you observe some lighter streaks, particularly on the belly, you will be in the presence of a rarer “Stella striata”, present among the species of dolphins in Sardinia and Italy.

Where to spot dolphins in Sardinia? 

So, it is a good idea to turn to specialized tours to spot dolphins in Sardinia. In the Alghero area, there is the Capo Caccia Marine Protected Area, where some exceptionally well-trained ones operate, according to numerous online reviews. A bit further north, one of the corners of the marine area that delimits the Cetacean sanctuary ends on Capo Falcone, where, together with the dolphins, you can meet the whales that populate the sea between Sardinia, Corsica, and Liguria.
The Gulf of Dolphins was born in the Golfo Aranci, a sustainable eco-tourism project aimed at teaching respect and a respectful approach to these magnificent marine mammals. To the south of Sardinia, you can try Costa Rei and Villasimius to search for dolphins. Sometimes, dolphins also get very close to the cities and their piers, where perhaps they believe the fishermen will prepare a nice lunch for them. A few years ago, a pair of dolphins was often present at the Molo Customs of Cagliari, evident from the coast guard offices while they were swimming close to the people on board the canoes!