Two absolutely stunning staires to climb (if you are trained), Monesteroli and Punta Corvo

Liguria is not a simple destination; it is generous in beauty and challenges. Even in the far east of the region, in the La Spezia area, some of the most picturesque places are reached with no easy walks.

Among these are the beach of Punta Corvo and the Monesteroli houses.

Both destinations can be reached by walking down stairways designed on breathtaking steep coasts; so much for the stunning views and the effort requested to get there.


The stair ending in the beach of Punta Corvo – Ph. tripadvisor

The beaches in the La Spezia area are few. Still, Punta Corvo is one of the most deserted, although jam-packed packed in summer, when it is accessible with a ferry service.

Leave from Montemarcello, with a path that starts in the typical Mediterranean vegetation, looking leisurely, in front of the Garden Bar, between the houses of the beautiful village.

Gradually, the trail – which has more than 700 steps – turns out harder and ends up with a steep section near the beach and in full sun.

Although to be performed carefully as the steps are all built by hand, the descent is not a problem; the way back up, well, it is.

Of course, the view of the beach of fine dark pebbles, the landscape, the crystal clear water, and the walk’s awesomeness are worth the effort.


Stone and bright blue, Monesteroli – clinging to the rock – is a flash of beauty.

To reach the group of houses, start from Campiglia, following path 4b and then 4d. First soft and flat, the path throws itself in a spectacular and quite challenging stair overlooking the sea.

In more than two thousand steps that sound like a leap into the sea – the long stair or Gionda – you reach the small village, which they say owes the name to some monks who used to live there.

Unfortunately, the last piece of trail is destroyed by a landslide. Thus the sea cannot be reached, but the painting of the view of the Muzzerone cliff from the coast, fronted by the Feral rock, the blue sea, and cultivated terraces, is worth the effort.

The breathtaing Monesteroli stair