Via dell’Amore opens again, a conditional love though

A few years ago, we wrote that as in life and in social media status, the Way of Love is complicated, delicate, and in need of care.
In recent days, the Via dell’Amore has reopened, an iconic route famous all over the world for its breathtaking scenery and natural romance. Although only for a short stretch, about 160 of the 900 overall, what is technically the first stretch of the Blue Trail will be open to the public in guided and limited groups, with the purchase of tickets online and we will finally be able to appreciate its beauty again until September 30, 2023
In the meantime, let’s try to summarize the previous episodes and understand how to reach the Via dell’Amore today.

How to visit the Via dell’Amore

To access the Via dell’Amore it is necessary to purchase a ticket on the official website which until 5 September 2023 gives permission to enter at evenings, to admire the stars from the Via dell’Amore. It is important to keep in mind that access is not allowed to those who have purchased the Cinque Terre Card, but it is a separate ticket.

Why Via dell’Amore

While the romance of the Way of LoveVia dell’Amore is evident and known throughout the world, in fact, it is love in the broadest sense that is meant by its name. Technically, the name of the trail is a much sadder 592-1 (SVA2), which is part of the Blue Trail that runs along the five villages thing of the Park. This section originated with the complex construction of the railway that connected the villages, uniting them for the first time with a faster connection of the paths that went up and down the mountains. Between Riomaggiore e Manarola, the railway construction sire needed a support path running along the tunnel overlooking the sea from the rock of the excavated mountain, opening a new view for the locals who could finally meet, trade, and embrace each other, surrounded by their extraordinary panorama, even more beautiful from that moment because it was finally shared. Although it was a construction site route, the local population decided they could no longer do without it.

How to get to Via dell’Amore

​Controlla i dettagli 197 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione Being precisely along the railway line that connects the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola, until 2012 it was very easy to get to the Via dell’Amore from both stations of the two towns. Today, the only starting point is in Riomaggiore, a few steps from the railway, and is accessed by a staircase on the left which has an access ramp also for the disabled.

Whay was Via dell’Amore closed?

The Via dell’Amore has been closed since 2012, when the path was seriously damaged by a landslide that also swept away some tourists.è chiusa dal 2012, quando il sentiero è stato gravemente danneggiato da una frana che travolse anche alcuni turisti. The sad event closed access to the path for years. For some years the Liguria Region has begun an important intervention which has seen “the cleaning of approximately 1.5 hectares of surface, the complete removal of the previous support and protection elements (old rockfall barriers and mesh) and the positioning of approximately 7,900 meters network switchboards in high-performance and durable stainless steel, 850 square meters of rockfall barriers of various sizes, 8.3 km of passive anchors in unique high-performance anti-corrosion steel bars, the construction of approximately 1.1 km of drainage, 1.4 km of micro piles for fixing the walkway in the rock face, the positioning of approximately 160 meters of galvanized and painted steel parapet, complete with stainless steel mesh and the construction of a pedestrian bridge with a metal structure weighing approximately 4,500 kg. ”
After the partial reopening in summer 2023, these important restoration works will start again in September to definitively return the Via dell’Amore to the public in 2024.